Equestria is about to get HOT!!!

Melissa: I don’t like her, though….

Katie Jay: Oh bloody hell, get me out of here!!!

Melissa: Hey wait, get back over here you nerd!!!



HighlightRainbow Featherand One Eyed Lola.

Hey Angel I heard two rumors about your bandmates you can tease them about; Buttercup seems to have romantic feelings for Melissa and Rainbow Dash and Melissa Might be considering feelings for your new goth roadie Highlight. Care to demonstrate some of your teasing?

 Ooh I love gossip, tell me more!!!

Who's Juanita? Another band member or a close friend/relative outside the band?

 Silly anon, you know, Little Jo, Joannie Flamenco, our drummer, nuestro pequeno Boxer, I call her Juanita all the time.

So much. Shake that plot!

  Te Gusta, muchachos?

Angel even if your powers don't work on people or ponies, do you still try to ship anybody/pony together (including your bandmates (as a little joke))?

 I do tend to tease my friends a little, especially Juanita, she really needs to approach men more often.

Hey Angel, what does the flag on your cutie mark represent? Also would you kindly have your boyfriend punch the living daylights out of me for looking at your flank (even if it was to look at your cutie mark)?

 *Giggle* No, my boyfriend would probably shoot your head off with his SMGs, since he is also a Saints Row member, pero I can’t really help with my sexiness, do you like what you see hombre?

Oh and la bandera de Puerto Rico, Red for blood, White for liberty and rights, and blue, mi favorito,  branches of republican government.

So Angel, since your special talent involves magnetism, do you dabble around the magnetism of couples or making of couples (shipping)?

 Oh I wouldn’t say I dabbled with my powers, I tried to do that with my boyfriend, but it only works on any kind of metal.

Oye Angel tell me something de donde conoces a Mikayla?

 Bueno so una chica that likes to travel alot, I met her in Mexico, then I saw her again in Anaheim, very close where I used to go school in Beverly Hills, I just couldn’t stay in one place. 

Angel: Is about time you got here, guera.

Melissa: Well, I can’t have you guys have all the fun.

Buttercup: We won’t have a BAND without a singer.

Katie Jay: Are you lot done chit-chatting or are we going to fight already?

Sonia: What the-?What ever happen to “being calm” and “taking you time”?

Melissa: Just get in the TARDIS. Sorrry Lola.

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R.Dash: Seriously, what is your problem? I have a bad feeling you’re gotta keep bugging me.


Featuring - One Eye Lola 

Equestria is about to get HOT!!!