Angel: Is about time you got here, guera.

Melissa: Well, I can’t have you guys have all the fun.

Buttercup: We won’t have a BAND without a singer.

Katie Jay: Are you lot done chit-chatting or are we going to fight already?

Sonia: What the-?What ever happen to “being calm” and “taking you time”?

Melissa: Just get in the TARDIS. Sorrry Lola.

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R.Dash: Seriously, what is your problem? I have a bad feeling you’re gotta keep bugging me.


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Equestria is about to get HOT!!!


Sup sorry I have nothing much to ask

 Then why are you wasting my time, Blockhead? I am really not in the mood right now, because I am more worry that we aren’t gotta be able to perform at all with all this stupid shenanigans going around.

So Melissa,how do you deal with Rainbow's and Buttercups big rivalry?

 Big Rivalry? I dunno what you mean, I love them both equally as my friends, Dash is a cool friend to hang with since she came to our human world, and I been friends with Buttercup for almost 10 years, so we’re practically BFFs.

Ouch... sorry if I landed on you Buttercup!

 Oh don’t sweat it, kid, sometime this Powerpuff forgets to fly. Thats what happen when I hang out with Melissa for so long that she keeps me grounded all the time with her shenanigans.

hye melissa you have any shen gong wu in your tardis?

 Weeeelll, not really, I’m pretty much a walking Shen Gong Wu, after the accident at the Xiaolin temple, I’m was able to summon any Shen Gong Wu out of thin air, so I really dunno how that happen.

Melissa: Also be careful with my blade, its over 500 years old, and still has an old bullet stuck inside the tube-thingie.


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Melissa: Since I’m there I could probably ask her to help us with her guns and rifles. *Groan* Who would of thought a 500 year old blade would break so easily.

Melissa: Alternative?….Oh riiiight, I
I forgot ponies don’t eat meat.