Its time…
It time…
and I’m not talking about Vader Time
Its my first Livestream!!!!

Its time…

It time…

and I’m not talking about Vader Time

Its my first Livestream!!!!

Highlight, why do you always have one eye closed?


Highlight: Its a seal, if i open my left eye then my right eye will close and I’ll become a Unicorn… though i can only switch once a day dude…


Some useful stuff for once!

Ft. Melissa from askewingsisters

Melissa: Take care now, I might see you again soon…

Melissa: No, no, don’t worry about it, I’ll clean it up later….and uh you can have that Decker Sword as a gift.




HighlightRainbow Feather and Atramentous Pinkamena

Thats all for today

Will answer more next Sunday.

Hey Melissa,do you ever feel nervous about oneday that you might regenerate?

 Sometimes I do, cuz since my 5th form came to me, it made me realized that I have been shot in the head, injured, stab many times, I healed up but never regenerated, when I look back to my previous generations, it all has to do with my personality. I start to wonder, what made me change my personality that turned me into that Gothlissa.

Hey Melissa, if you are the 4th generation, can you give us a glimpse into what your previous three generations were like? Were any of your bandmates around to see any of the other three generations?

image Weeeeeell…..

My 1st generation my personality was very very very VERY girly, I was in love with shopping for clothes, and hang out at the mall all day long, I turned into my mom that time. That’s where I met Buttercup around that time, and I was training at the Xiaolin Temple. As for my 2nd generation, I became a troublemaker, went to the skate park almost every day with my skateboard, I was really good at it. But I had to finish High School early because I was being bullied by Sonia, her sister and another girl, Angel was there for while she told she was always chainging schools for some reason. That time around I was kidnapped by Aperture, that where I found Cece there. Sadly we got seperated after Aperture blew up. Few months later I met Mikayla while her mom was coaching Hockey for kids. My 3rd generation form, I went over to customizing my own car, and transforming into my own XLR Mecha.Then I went to Alexis Alternative Universe, then that “Incident” happen, and never saw here again. Here I am today in my 4th form, I met Sonia again, Vego came from the future, found Cece again, went to Punch-Out High School undercover, thats where Joannie came along, Alexis came out of nowhere and decided to stay with us. Rainbow Dash came to our human world, and then I saw Angel again and she saved us all from the Cybermen attack. Phew…..

Theres still lot more to tell you though…but for that Buttercup saw me regenerate, even though she was there for me and shes my BFF. So she knows me longer than anyone else.

Angel you are likely out of the loop about this but Melissa and Cece are actually clone sisters mix of Clover of Totally spies and a timelord (most likely Dr. Whooves aka Time Turner) (making them part timelord) and also that Kati Jay you are fighting against is also their sister.

 Oh I already know that Melissa and Cece are clones, they have a barcode on the back of their neck. You can’t really see it cuz, they have it engraved in metal fluid.

Let me guess 2.5 possibilities of what happened when you tried your magnetism powers on your boyfriend either (1)he got shocked or (other 1.5) his piercings got attracted together and pulled on parts of his body towards each other and/or repeled you two apart due to magnetic polarities between your piercings

 Oh my Boyfriend is always prepared around me, he know bout my magnetic powers, so he customized his Diamond Earring to plastic.

Wow OK I didn't expect that reaction to my cutie mark question, but to answer your question I would say yes and would be worth it (unintentionally) even if I get shot in the head by an SMG.

 You really want to take the risk Mijo? 

So Melissa since you can summon shen gong wu out of thin air; which wu would you say is your favorite, what does it do, and why is it your favorite?

 Oh I got tons that are my favorite.

The Third Arm Sash, it acts like a third arm obviously

The Lunar Locket, lets me control the Moon.

Golden Tiger Claws, my best one, I can travel anywhere instanly.

The Moby Mopher, be careful, I moght be someone else cuz this changes my apperance.

and theres the Sands of Time, of course Time Travel.

…shall I go on?

do you know any russian wrestlers? or at least a robotic one?

 Um… unless you are talking about Senor Zangief.

Hey Joannie have you ever spared with any of the band members to practice your boxing?

 I did, Angel is a great at sparring with me, pero the one who is tough to spar with es Melissa, I mean how awesome is to combine her Capoeira in a Boxing, es como MMA.

Melissa, since Cece is also part time lord, do you happen to know what generation she currently is? Also do you know what her previous generations were like (if she has any since she can't seem to die enough to cause a regeneration)?

 Uh Cece is not part Time Lord… she was created in Canada, she has that X-Factor Healing whatever…