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Dash: I don’t wanna have a new name.

Buttercup: Hey that blue one is my sister, you don’t have to yell, ya blockhead, she probably doesnt even remember you anymore, geez.


An ask by askewingsisters.

What Danger Pony told me sounded a little strange to me, but it seemed true since nopony has ever seen this stallion before anywhere else than this “London” town he spoke of. It must’ve been tragic…

//Mod: I wonder if I’m gonna start a second blog about Danger Pony, thought…?

Melissa: A lighting bolt? What the pixel is going on here?


Dash: No can match my speed. Well…maybe Pinkie Pie.

Buttercup: she’s not talking about me is she?
R.Dash: I’m pretty sure she is talking bout you.

 *Seriously, why did she come here? I hope no ones is looking, this better be important.*


Featuring (our roadies)

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 Rainbow Feather

Good News Everyone

My dad manages to fix my laptop charger, I am able to continue with the blog. Woot!

Terrible news

My charger for the laptop broke, and I am indeed in terrible situation with my laptop, If I can’t get this fix up soon, then won’t be able to update for awhile.

Umm... Melissa, your sis has gone missing. Yeah...

 Wait… WHAT?!?!? MISSING?!?!?

Melissa Are you a rosebud?

 A what now? I’m not a flower, unless for some reason I heard that expression before, probably heard it on TV.

So Melissa how you been? Oh also stay awesome! Where is your sister?

  To be honest I have no idea where Cece is, but if shes doing something reckless somewhere then I don’t really care.