Let me get this straight: Vego Stoppable has 'Stoppable' in her name, but she's kind-of unstoppable? This confuses me. Also, along with yer Dubstep Shotgun, you need a Dubstep Trenchcoat *gives her a Dubstep Trenchcoat*

 Uh the name ‘Stoppable’ is actually my foster parents’ name. As for the Trenchcoat, dude, that is so 2018.

Hey Melissa, go watch this /watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 its good i swear dude.

 …I hate you… as much as I hate that song.

 Theses Decker Clones are everywhere, what did you do?!?!

 I hacked into this gameplay, that’s what I did. I thought it be more interesting for you to get beaten.

Now we return to our regular programing.

Heeeeeeyyy, Cece how're you doing?

The pony you are trying to call is not available at this time, please try your call again later.

If you got question for the Mod, feel free to ask. So any Mod related question goes over thare, ya hear?

CECE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!.... wait a minute... what i am doing? Cece has lost the sprite royal rumble!!!!!! EVERYPONY RUN FOR THEIR LIVES!!!!!!

Anon Dude, relax, nothing bad is gotta happen, I mean sure Cece had gotten eliminated from the…. Wait….. This is Cece we’re talking about right?….. Uh…. This blog is in deep trouble…. Run away!!!!

Well looks like Cece has been eliminated…. Everyone…. Run for you lives, thus may get ugly when she comes back to the blog…

happy birthday T__T -give you a Tetris sword- your welcome